My Painting

My painting does not aim to express the essence of reality, human sentiments or feelings, nor does it present a subjective description of what my eyes see in the world. It isn’t a kind of expressionism or surrealism, although there are many similarities with these stylistic movements of modernism. My painting cannot be categorized using a framework associated with Western modern art because is based on a different cultural framework, where painting and its function are conceived differently. Painting deals with the surface (epiphaneia) of objects. The surface, however, is not just a surface, nor is it a vacuum or empty space that does not correspond to the very essence of the object. The epiphaneia is the manifestation of the essence (hypostasis) of the object which is revealed and hidden simultaneously – the existence is revealed while the essence is hidden.
My painting aims at creating an embracement between the object and the spectator. The artwork is created in direct reference to the beholder and is relative to his/her senses. So the beholder becomes part of the artwork and the artwork is part of the beholder. Thus, the artwork does not describe feelings, or impressions. Rather, it describes the relationship between the object depicted and the spectator. Therefore, there is a close internal bond between these two subjects- objects. In this relationship there are no defined roles, nor are there subjects or objects. What exists is just a relationship. A state of love, synousia, (the Greek world for the action of love). where the boundaries are lost, and life is an eternal communion.
This aim of my art can be realised through the traditional principles and ideals of Byzantine painting, specifically, through rhythm. Everything in a picture is energy: lines, colours, movements, etc. These energies must be reconciled and exist in a ‘perfect’ way, in a balanced dynamic state. Through rhythm, as understood by Greek-Byzantine tradition, the image becomes a manifestation of a state of love, and a peaceful time-place on earth. Whatever, is depicted through rhythm is transformed into a new reality and manifests the desire of a new world where conflicts and hate are replaced with love and peace.
This ‘consoling realism’ characterises my painting and focuses on expressing the needs of contemporary people for who are tortured by the void of relationships and the abyss of darkness. I work and create to present a consoling picture of communion and love needed by people today.

George Kordis 2016