2016 – Museum of World Religions, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 – National Museum of Romania, Cotroceni Palace, Bucharest, Romania

2015 – Meklart Gallery, Paris France

2015 – Desmos Gallery, Paris France

2015 –Heavenly Beauty on Earth, Bulgarian Cultural Centre, Paris, France.

2015 – Heavenly Beauty on Earth, Official Residence of the Ambassador of Greece to Canada, Ottawa, ON.

2015 – The Faces of EROS, The Burroughes, Toronto, ON.

2014 – BYZANTIUM: Ottawa International Byzantine Arts Symposium, Ottawa, ON. Canada

2014-2015 – Between Worlds, The Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton College, Oceanville, New Jersey

2013 Light and Rhythm. Byzantine icons in the Post-modern World, Yale, Institute Of Sacred Music Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut

2013 Writing with Light, Malloy Hall Chapel, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

2013 Byzantine Personalities, Theocharakis Foundation, Athens, Greece

2010 Of the Unknown Warriors and Heroes, Municipal Gallery of Salonica, Villa Bianca.

2010 The Confession of a Point, Argo Gallery, Athens

2009 Painting Exhibition, Municipal Gallery of Kavala, Greece

2009Icons. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, National Gallery of Bulgaria ,Sofia, Bulgaria

2009 Painting Exhibition, Amimoni Gallery, Ioannina, Greece

2008 Eros- Archangel: Exhibition By Georgios Kordis, Yakintheia Summer Festival, Anogiea, Crete, Greece.

2008 Municipal Gallery of Drama, Drama, Greece

2007-2008 A Pictorial discussion with Nikos Eggonopoulos’ Poetry, Ianos Gallery, Salonica & Athens, Greece

2007 San Lorenzo Basilica, Tomba di Donatello, Florence, Italy

2007 George Seferis’ Thrush, Aenaon Gallery, Athens, Greece

2007 George Seferis’ Thrush, Sterling Memorial Library, Memorabilia Room, Yale University

2006 The Passion According to Mathew, Aenaon Gallery, Athens, Greece

2005-2006 A Pictorial Approach to the Poetry of Nikos Kavadias Ianos Gallery, Salonica & Athens, Greece

2005 The Chamber of the Innocent, Aenaon Gallery, Athens, Greece